Morning fish, May 11

051119hawaiiflatsNEWS I went fishing as the tide was rising and the water was like glass—more

Shad: Slow fishing, April 14

He told me that for some reason his alarm did not go off—more

Fletcher’s: The Cleanup, Jan. 26

012619fletchersNEWS Volunteers showed up to help with the cleanup of Fletcher’s Cove—more

Where’s Elvis? Dec. 14-16

121418dsr_NEWS It was a good time to find Elvis on the Salmon River—more

Hawaii: With friends, Aug. 11

081118hawaiiflatsNEWS The gang got together to do a bit of fly fishing—more

Tying a nymph rig

051219nymphing A very effective way to present flies to feeding fish—more

Shad: A windy day, March 31

A couple boats had to be rescued and towed backmore

Everything but…, Dec. 24-31

They just weren’t the kind of fish I was hoping to catch—more

Tying the Mop Fly

The Mop Fly has gotten a lot of attention during the last several years—more

Madison River, July 6-8

0718_MadisonRiver_NEWS Fly fishing Yellowstone and the Madison River during the Stonefly hatch—more

Handling shooting line

051219shootingline How to handle long lengths of shooting line on Spey rods—more

Shad: F-bomb alarm, April 13

Jin took a picture of me and posted it on Facebook—more

Hawaii bones, Jan. 3

010319hawaiiflatsNEWSv2 I got lots of practice casting, tying leaders and changing flies—more

Salmon River, Nov. 2-4

Rain, wind, high water and lots of drifting leaves—more

Missouri River, July 9-15

071018MissouriRiver_NEWS High water and hot trout on the Missouri River near Craig, Montana—more


Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Freshwater and saltwater licenses plus information on where to fish or when they will be stocking trout.
Fishing license
Trout stocking schedule
Special regulation waters


The Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Read the fishing reports and get your freshwater and saltwater licenses.
Fishing license
Fishing report
Trout fishing
Where to fish
Tide finder


Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. Information about fishing licenses, maps and stocking schedules.
Fishing license
Trout stocking
Where to fish

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. Buy your license online and get information about what’s biting.
Fishing license
Trout stocking
Fishing map
Public fishing areas

The Customer

Fishing with flies, not bait.

A rainy day project when you can’t go fishing. With a printer and some scissors, you can build your own school of fish.

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