Fly fishing for bonefish and other species in Honolulu, Hawaii


An epic trip through Montana, fishing the Madison River, the Henry's Fork and the Missouri River.

The Breeches, September 14


This wasn’t a dainty sip or subtle take. It was a sudden, savage grab that indicates there was absolutely no hesitation behind the decision to eat.

Sharpening skills, August 24


I got lucky because the fish ran towards shore instead of dragging my line across the coral towards the open ocean.

Super Moon, September 10


He said his arm was about ready to fall off from catching so many bonefish.

Valley Forge, July 20


I dug around in my fly pack and discovered I brought all of my nymph and streamer boxes, but no dry flies. Jin, however, was prepared and said we would play "Guide and Client" today..

PA rule change? September 8


“Any water stocked with fish furnished by the commission, including water areas where stocked fish may migrate into, shall be open to the public for the purpose of free, lawful fishing.”.