Thurmont, Maryland July 23, 2020
A report from SteveW for
I fished Little Hunting Creek the other day and caught a Brown Trout which I couldn’t believe—it was 19.5 inches long. My best fish from this stream usually would be in the 11 to 12 inch range and I was surprised to catch one this big.

I caught it on my
Sage Dart 3 weight on a barbless Size14 Lively Legz on 6X leader. It was a heck of a fight!

This was my second nice fish in a week. I fished at L, up where they don't stock anymore, and caught an 18 inch Brown plus all the other fish made it a good day!
I do fish O and F a lot but those areas have gone down as far as catching many wild fish.

I live over in the Hereford area and I do like to fish southern Pennsylvania. I caught my personal best local fish near GR. I took a video before I released fish, which measured 26 inches and took me quite awhile to get to net. I caught it on my Sage Dart on 5X tippet and a Size14 barbless nymph. I also fished the B a little and caught a few small Browns.