Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, October 24, 2020
102420_yellow_breeches001It was a dank, dreary weekend. A heavy overcast hid the sun behind a gray blanket of clouds that would occasionally sprinkle us with a light drizzle as we fished. The cool conditions made fishing tough on The Yellow Breeches, but it was good to be on the water again, even for a short time.

Masked and socially distanced from other anglers, we picked spots that were well away from anyone else as we fished our way down from
The Run to the Allenberry Resort.

Did I mention it was a tough day? The generally crummy conditions contributed to a catch rate in the extremely low single digits, like the number ONE, to a big fat doughnut hole for everyone else. But that’s fishing.
EQUIPMENT: We used 3 to 4 weight rods. Leader length and tippet strength depends on the size and type of fly you're throwing at the time and the fishing technique (dries or nymphs).

DIRECTIONS: From Virginia, head up US 15 into Pennsylvania, past Gettysburg and other tourist attractions. Make a left turn onto US 74 outside of Harrisburg. The intersection is in a small town, with a Getty gas station across the intersection where you will make your turn and a Wendy's restaurant on the left. Follow US 74 until you come to US 174, an intersection with a local graveyard on your left. Turn left and follow Boiling Springs Road, past the Allenberry Resort, and make a left on Bucher Hill Road. Follow the road for a short distance until you see the parking lot of ‘The Run’ on your left. If you need equipment, flies or information the TCO Fly Shop is in the town of Boiling Springs. You can also go back up the road and fish the Breeches at Allenberry Resort. There is a parking lot for fly fishers but keep in mind that the road leading to the parking lot is ONE WAY. You have to circle around the inn to reach the exit when you leave.